Knowing that your partner is a drug addict doesn't have to spell the end of a relationship, but it can place extra stresses on both parties. Relationship counselling can be an invaluable way for you to seperate issues relating to your relationship with those relating to your partner's addiction. Here are some issues you might be looking to discuss. 


The sober partner often feels a lot of responsibility to keep the addict on an even keel and not cause any stress by bringing up relationship issues (or breaking up with the addict if needed). However, this attitude can lead to other problems, as taking on all the responsibility for keeping an addict healthy is not healthy for the sober partner and can lead to undue relationship pressure if they choose not to bring up issues that need to be resolved. Relationship counselling can help the sober partner work on the issues that make them feel this responsibility while providing a neutral environment where these issues can be resolved. 


Drug addicts regularly place their time getting high above all other commitments. This can make them a challenging person to trust with shared finances or with times when people need to be in charge, such as looking after children. Building this trust can be hard against a backdrop of addiction, so relationship counselling can be a great step to help formulate a useful plan to build back this trust into a relationship in small steps. 

Additional goals

The issue of drug addiction can take up a lot of 'air time' and emotional energy within a relationship. Relationship counselling can be a good way to set goals and work through other issues, including having children, buying a house or saving money for a long holiday. Setting these goals can help people feel some control over their relationship and can often be a useful way for recovering addicts to redefine their sense of self outside of their drug use. 

If you are in a marriage with a current or recovering drug addict, regular relationship counselling can be a great way for you both to get your needs met within the relationship. Often, a sober partner also has many issues to work through in order to put their own needs forward and regain some trust. A healthy relationship comes when both people feel safe and supported within their marriage, and relationship counselling can make sure that this is happening in our marriage.