Alcohol addiction not only affects the individual but has a significant impact on the person's family and the society. Apart from affecting the addict's health, alcohol addiction leads to low productivity at work and neglect of family duties. Alcohol counselling is one of the main activities in alcohol rehabilitation. The primary objectives of alcohol counselling are:

  • To develop a strong therapeutic alliance to make the patient trust the counsellor and feel comfortable during counselling sessions.
  • To provide information on alcohol and substance abuse, its effects and the impact it has had on the person's life.
  • To discover the circumstances that led the individual to be an alcohol addict.
  • To provide information on how a person can recover from alcoholism and prevent relapse.
  • To draw up a realistic recovery plan in collaboration with the addict. 

The plan has short-term and long-term goals aimed at ensuring a full recovery. The counsellor also motivates the addict to abide by the recovery plan. If your friend or close family member is undergoing alcohol or drug counselling, below are tips on how you can support him or her.

Do not tempt them.

As the person is trying to stop taking alcohol, you must ensure that you do not tempt them to slip back into consuming it. If you have alcohol in your house, keep it away, and do not drink when the person is around. You can also avoid taking them to clubs or other social places where people are drinking. Avoid angering the person if he or she drinks when angry.


You have to motivate the person to abide by their treatment plan. Ensure that they do not miss counselling sessions. Ask them what they have learned in counselling class and inquire about how you can help them. Show support for the various initiatives they have taken to stop the addiction.

Engage in healthy activities.

As the person recovers, it is time to engage them in healthy activities such as games, exercise and community work. Your goal is to provide them with alternative ways to pass time, have fun and relieve stress. If you are the person's spouse, ensure that they are well fed for them to regain their strength.

Alcohol counselling aims at helping a person recover fully from alcohol addiction. You can offer support to friends and family undergoing alcohol counselling by motivating them, engaging them in healthy activities and not tempting them.